A Day in the Life at QUAIL

At around 5 am, the residents start to get up and ready for their daily activities. Everyone has breakfast together unless someone needs to be ready for an early pick up for work at a sheltered work centre.

Mornings are more active than later in the day as residents have lots of energy after a full night’s sleep. Activities may include playing in the back yard with balls or running, blowing bubbles and just working off some energy. Our back yard is large and we have a lot of space for games and a gazebo for shelter from the hot sun. Indoors, there are puzzles, colouring and painting.

Most residents will go for an accompanied walk sometime during the day. Tara is a great walker and enjoys just being outside, as does Hugh. Favourite areas are the old railway trail, Lac Leamy, and the sugar bush. A trip to the grocery store is always a treat, and we have bowling afternoons or an outing to the movies about once a month.

Afternoons are somewhat quieter, some residents will have a nap, listen to music on headphones or watch a favourite program on TV or a personal device. Claudia loves to do yoga sometime during the day, and sometimes bakes with Michelle.

Dinner time is when all the residents are together. We then have quiet time in the evenings and baths before bed anywhere between 7 and 11 pm.


Our Staff

Our staff include Joanna Gonzales (House Manager), Frank Laing, Kelly McKay, Alycia Easton, Kelsey McInney, Ashley Mckinley and Patrick McKain. We are thrilled to occasionally have a student from the PSW program at the Western Quebec Career Centre or a student from the Special Care Counselling Program at Heritage College come to do a placement at QUAIL and one or more summer students if we are able to get a provincial summer student grant.